Sponsoring Outlets

Every active Independent Sales Representative sponsored by you becomes a sales outlet. Every sales outlet generates additional income for you and the company.

It becomes clear, the more people, the greater the amount of income for everyone to share. It is not enough to run around signing up as many warm bodies as you can. You must select them carefully; and be willing to give them all the support they need. Do those two things and your INCOME POTENTIAL IS VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED!

Now, let us take this basic principle to its logical extension. If you take pride in performing your job successfully then you set the perfect example for your Independent Sales Representative. New Independent Sales Representative will increase their DOWNLINES and thus generate additional income. Happily, this process generates more income for you as well. The statement above makes it quite clear that as the Boss, your economic future is in your hands. Network Marketing is the only business we know of that gives that kind of control for a very limited initial cash outlay.


Focusing on a proven image that works for every successful person is the beginning. You MUST BELIEVE that you are going to succeed. Success will come because you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. There are no excuses toward the road to success. You cannot blame your boss because now, you are your own boss. You cannot blame the company because now, that is you too. There are no longer any negative factors operating against you. Only a POSITIVE SELF IMAGE WITH NO LIMITS!


You have two choices. Begin without a plan, just wing it and hope things work out or… CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN.




  1. A repeatable system for developing your business;
  2. A logical, specific series of steps that is easy to follow and teach;
  3. A guide to running your business profitably.

Better to ask, why not? Consider the consequences if you have none of the above. An organized approach to your business will enable profits to roll in.


If you are the person who hates planning and saw this headline thinking it was for you, forget it. This is a horror story and you are not going to like the ending. If you want your front-line Independent Sales Representatives to perform at their peak level, you have to set the example. Without a plan, how can you expect them to have one? Is your attitude “I signed you up, now go out and make me some money?” Hopefully not! That is not the road to success; it is the road to failure. One of your first steps is to DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS PLAN! As promised, we will show you how, but first, let’s look at a common trap we do not want you to fall into.


This pitfall has several variations. 1) Plan of the Day; 2) Plan of the Week; 3) The Inspired Moment; 4) Wow! That sounds great! Have to try it! You must resist all the above, along with any variations. These are sure-fire ways to scuttle your Business Plan.