“Quality is never an accident,
it’s always the result of intelligent effort”

-John Ruskin

AirTook Products and Services

How we are making a difference in our  customers lives.

Made in the U.S

America is a country with tradition of innovation. Our own lab works with some of the smartest brains in the Bio Tech industry to make sure we have the most user friendly, effective and environmentally good products on the market.


New product development includes market research, consultation with our medical advisory board, identifying proper ingredients, trying existing products in the same segment, lab tests, different mixes, concentrations or add-ons to the formula.

Clinically Tested

Clinical studies are conducted by independent laboratories on our products to prove the efficacy. Research and innovation meet science and quality assurance in our process of product development to make sure you have a great product in your hand.


With convenience in mind our packaging is designed to fit into your pocket to be available when you need it most. AirTook convenience structure makes it the best company you can imagine on any trip, vacation, business trip or picnic with the family.

We ensure that our products meet the health-safety standards and suitable for all body types, environment and are very effective too.

We are so confident you will love our products and services. We are happy to let you try them for free due to our money-back-guarantee.

Whether you are a current customer interested in a new product or a new customer interested in what we have to offer, this is a great way to experience first-hand what has made AirTook Emporium Ltd the #1 brand amongst its competitors.

Also, we’re always open to hear from our customers. If you’d like to provide us with new ideas for products, new uses for products or feedback regarding our existing products, please let us know.

Products and Services You Can Trust


Sight Ocular Capsule or simply, Sight’0’Caps is a renewed, complete herbal formulation for intensive support of treating a variety of eye defects. Sight’0’Caps are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility in the United States of America where it was researched and composed in aiding the treatment of natural occurring eyes issues.

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AirTook Diasulin Capsule is one of the most underlined breakthrough product in supplementing the treatment and stability of diabetes and its patients. Diasulin is constantly improved to arrive at this level of potency and has proved to effectively catalyze the process of diabetic treatment across

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QuencHer— This is a refined contemporal herbal supplement that is clinically composed with the best of natural extracts for the boosting, improving and maintaining the libido at the maximum functioning capacity. Due to modern day quick-edibles; many are likely to find themselves short in sexual performances;

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GlowMie — This is a fascinating product of unique composition that completely improves the state of your skin, nails and hair through its natural compositions of oils, seeds and embedded vitamins. GlowMie is formulated to help heal skin pores, moisturize the skin and under-layers by supplying it the nutrients that it needs to keep the sap fresh and nourished.

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This is a unique formula composition that is thoroughly researched and composed to aid the treatment of Hypertension for all ages through natural herbs. Hyprenin is manufactured in the United states under a screened environment and approval of the FDA and GMP. The herbal extracts of this

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