New Age Internet MLM (the lazy way)

What is this
“new age” lazy way of Internet MLM?

Why is it so
much better than marketing off-line?

simply, Internet MLM beats off-line marketing because of this one, easy

→ Better
Targeting + Automatic (Lead Generation + Follow-Up) = LEVERAGE


understand how this equation adds up, let’s take a detailed look at each

Pay close
attention, as every piece of this formula is important!



generation is easier, and cheaper on-line.

No longer do
you have to go cold-calling for prospects. Instead, they come to you.

The ability
to generate targeted leads is crucial regardless of what type of business
you’re in.

It doesn’t
matter how good your offer is, nor how persuasive your copywriting, if you
don’t have it in front of the right people.

One great thing
about the Internet is that your leads qualify themselves for you.

You just
have to know where and how to position your business within the marketplace.

positioning is done by stepping in your prospect’s shoes and, imagining the
steps they might take to find you on-line.

I know, that
sounds easier said than done, so let me give you some examples of how this


#1: Targeted Search

You already
know what you do when you want to find something online, you go to your
favorite search engine (e.g, Google), and type in a few words to describe your
search, right?


Maybe you’re considering
buying a new vacuum cleaner, and you want to read some reviews before you make
a decision. You would go to Google or Bing and type in 

something like: “top ten vacuum review” or “Hoover upright vacuum reviews” – whatever fits. Well, your prospects are doing the exact same thing.


Every day people are searching on terms which may indicate an interest in the products you’re selling via MLM.


Not only that, but every day there are people searching for “MLM opportunities” and “the best MLM programs.” These people are potential recruits for your downline.


One of the best ways to reach them is by running advertisements relevant to those searches. You can do this with what’s known as “pay-per-click” advertising. Most of the major search engines offer this type of advertising opportunity.


What pay-per-click allows you to do is have an advertisement, similar to a “mini-classified” ad, show up alongside the search results for a specific key word or key phrase.


Let me explain.

Let’s say the phrase used is “multi-level marketing.” Now, if your site is highly relevant to the prospect i.e., your site matches what he had in mind when he searched for multi-level marketing, then he’s more than likely to take action on the offer you’ve placed in front of him. This is what targeting is all about…


Right Offer + Right Person = Desired Action


For your MLM program, the action you want the visitor to take is to join your opt-in mailing list by submitting his name and e-mail address, so you can follow up with him.


The type of web page used for this is called a “squeeze page” or “landing page.”


Landing pages are dedicated to one purpose: getting the visitor to opt-in to your list and, become a lead.


If you aren’t familiar with how landing pages are structured, don’t worry. We’ll talk about that in our next post, and I’ll show you a screen shot from a real, live squeeze page. Keep your eye on it!

To your success!

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