New Age Internet MLM (the lazy way)

What is this
“new age” lazy way of Internet MLM?

Why is it so
much better than marketing off-line?

simply, Internet MLM beats off-line marketing because of this one, easy

→ Better
Targeting + Automatic (Lead Generation + Follow-Up) = LEVERAGE


understand how this equation adds up, let’s take a detailed look at each

Pay close
attention, as every piece of this formula is important!



generation is easier, and cheaper on-line.

No longer do
you have to go cold-calling for prospects. Instead, they come to you.

The ability
to generate targeted leads is crucial regardless of what type of business
you’re in.

It doesn’t
matter how good your offer is, nor how persuasive your copywriting, if you
don’t have it in front of the right people.

One great thing
about the Internet is that your leads qualify themselves for you.

You just
have to know where and how to position your business within the marketplace.

positioning is done by stepping in your prospect’s shoes and, imagining the
steps they might take to find you on-line.

I know, that
sounds easier said than done, so let me give you some examples of how this


#1: Targeted Search

You already
know what you do when you want to find something online, you go to your
favorite search engine (e.g, Google), and type in a few words to describe your
search, right?


Maybe you’re considering
buying a new vacuum cleaner, and you want to read some reviews before you make
a decision. You would go to Google or Bing and type in 

something like: “top ten vacuum review” or “Hoover upright vacuum reviews” – whatever fits. Well, your prospects are doing the exact same thing.


Every day people are searching on terms which may indicate an interest in the products you’re selling via MLM.


Not only that, but every day there are people searching for “MLM opportunities” and “the best MLM programs.” These people are potential recruits for your downline.


One of the best ways to reach them is by running advertisements relevant to those searches. You can do this with what’s known as “pay-per-click” advertising. Most of the major search engines offer this type of advertising opportunity.


What pay-per-click allows you to do is have an advertisement, similar to a “mini-classified” ad, show up alongside the search results for a specific key word or key phrase.


Let me explain.

Let’s say the phrase used is “multi-level marketing.” Now, if your site is highly relevant to the prospect i.e., your site matches what he had in mind when he searched for multi-level marketing, then he’s more than likely to take action on the offer you’ve placed in front of him. This is what targeting is all about…


Right Offer + Right Person = Desired Action


For your MLM program, the action you want the visitor to take is to join your opt-in mailing list by submitting his name and e-mail address, so you can follow up with him.


The type of web page used for this is called a “squeeze page” or “landing page.”


Landing pages are dedicated to one purpose: getting the visitor to opt-in to your list and, become a lead.


If you aren’t familiar with how landing pages are structured, don’t worry. We’ll talk about that in our next post, and I’ll show you a screen shot from a real, live squeeze page. Keep your eye on it!

To your success!

Traditional Offline MLM (the hard way)

I would like
to put a few things into perspective here before I introduce this new system.

The more you
understand the limitations of traditional, off-line MLM, the more excited
you’ll be about Internet-based MLM.

MLM means doing things THE HARD WAY!

No joke.

Once you
compare and contrast the off-line versus on-line methods, you will never do
things the old school way again.


So, let’s
look at these ancient, off-line methods and discuss why they just don’t cut it
if you want real success from your MLM program.


School Method #1 →

Selling to Friends, Family and Strangers It’s a funny concept, isn’t it?

You or your
friend, spouse, neighbor, etc… have joined an Network marketing opportunity,
but don’t have the first idea how to generate leads or sales.

Soon, people
start referring to you as “that crazy MLM guy or gal.”

MLM gal” goes around trying to sell the product to anyone who will listen
– sometimes even alienating friends and others who just don’t want to hear
about it or deal with the pressure.

The sad part
in all of this is that those efforts are largely wasted!

All that
gusto, determination and energy gets spent on un-targeted and unresponsive

Trying to
work a MLM business off-line is like casting a huge net into the ocean when all
you want is a basket full of catfish. If you’re lucky, you might get 1 catfish
out of the net while tossing a whole lot of crabs back into the water.


In order to
fill your basket, what you really need is a fishing pole, some good bait and a
lake full of catfish.


The bottom
line is this: if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, then you must focus
that burning desire into targeted lead generation.

AND… stop
trying to generate sales prospects off-line!

I don’t care
if someone told you to use business cards, newspaper ads, bumper stickers or
free seminars to promote your MLM.

Even if you
get a few truly targeted leads, it is still too much effort!

methods represent time and money wasted when compared to the results you could
be getting on the Internet – in less time, and for way less money.


School Method #2 →

Attempting to Recruit Friends, Family and Strangers.

I could
almost repeat everything from above here, but I want to put a finer point on
the concept. Off-line recruitment, just like off-line selling, yields too few
returns in comparison to the effort invested.

You will
never build the large, profit-cranking downline of your dreams if you try to
recruit all your members off-line.


targeting becomes an immediate issue. However, it is not the only obstacle in
your path. You will also face a considerable amount of time and work when it
comes to educating, training and motivating each new member of your downline.

your income from any MLM is directly proportional to the size and performance
of your downline.

You need
more than just a dozen people working under you. In fact, you need more along
the lines of several hundred.

You need as
many as you can get… How are you going to build this kind of downline in
between holding down a regular job, spending time with friends, taking the kids
to school, pursuing your hobbies, etc? There’s just no way to pull it off
unless you’re super-human.




I know what
you might think, though: “What about those people who make a living
throwing Norland parties? What about the Longrich cosmetics ladies who drive
the big, tear-rubber SUVs?” Ok, I’ll grant you that. 


There are certain rare individuals who succeed in MLM and who build their businesses the old-fashioned, off-line way. BUT, most of them had to work like dogs to get to that level.

They scrimped and saved in the beginning. They took huge risks and made even bigger investments. In other words, they did things the hard way, and that’s not what this guide is about.

Plus, I can promise you that more and more of those people are using the Internet as a part of their overall strategy.


Old School Method #3 → Investing All of Your Time in One MLM

By now, you understand why it’s virtually impossible not to spend all your time building one MLM business when you’re working it off-line.

The problem with this is that time = money.

You’re basically putting a cap on how much income you can earn.

Yet again, this is because off-line sales and recruitment takes up so much time and effort, you don’t have anything left in the day for other ventures.

If you did, though, you could be doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling your income by building your downlines in multiple programs.

But getting to that level would require some serious automation of your business.

You’d need to hire employees, or find some way to…

º Make sales in your sleep.

º Recruit new downline members without having to meet them in person, call them on the phone, etc.

º Train your entire downline without having to be in the same room with them. In other words, you’d need a way to put 95% of your business on cruise control. And you CAN do it … if you’re ready to throw away the old, and bring in the NEW, lazy way of Internet-based MLM.



Here we go. . .

Ultimate Guide

Let’s face it… times are changing… and “Old School” MLM is dead!

The good news is… those that take action on the information revealed in this post will be way ahead of the competition and cashing huge commission checks as a result.

I truly hope you are one of them. This publication is dedicated to those of you that apply this proven passive income system and take massive, life changing action!

Here’s a question for you:

Do you believe it is possible to “get rich” from Network Marketing, or is it all a bunch of hype?

My assumption is that you believe wealth through Network Marketing is possible, or you wouldn’t be reading this post.

However, I know there’s also a good chance that you are skeptical. Maybe you’ve been burned before, and your curiosity of this post is kind of a last-ditch effort?

Well, I can promise that you will find something of real value in this post no matter which side you take, and regardless of how jaded (or not) you are towards Network Marketing.

Here’s why…

Network Marketing has “grown up” over the past decade, largely due to the influence of the Internet.

More and more people are demanding legitimate, home based businesses; especially Internet businesses.

Yes, there are still some scams out there, but word spreads really fast on-line and these companies don’t last very long.

The second point to consider is that some MLM opportunities, as solid as they may be, are simply too difficult for the average person to succeed in if they are limited to traditional, off-line marketing methods.

In other words, the Internet has opened the door to an entirely new method of MLM – and it’s a method which is far easier, and more accessible to the average person.

This method is exactly what you’ll learn about in this post.

Here is a brief overview of everything we’ll be covering:

º What’s MLM? (for the complete newbies)

º How MLM works.

º How people make money from MLM.

º Why traditional, offline marketing is too hard.

º Why internet-based (new age) MLM is easiest.

º An illustration of a successful MLM system.

º The 7 steps of the complete marketing solution: a marketing system, multiple streams of income, leverage, duplication, replication, automation and retention. If you’ve failed at MLM before, then this ultimate guide will be a real eye-opener for you.

This is especially true for those of you who find off-line Multi-level marketing far too time consuming and difficult.

You’re going to learn exactly why the old methods failed you, and why the “new age” of Internet-based MLM is the answer you’ve waited for all this time.

Let’s get started…

What is MLM?

MLM (also known as “Multi-level-marketing” or “Network Marketing”) represents a unique approach to marketing products and services to consumers.

The core idea behind any MLM company is to implement the use of independent representatives to refer customers to the company.

Any purchase made by a customer results in the payment of a commission to the referring representative.

In essence, the representative can create his or her own business without needing to create a product for sale.

He or she can also grow and increase their business by recruiting new representatives into the business.

It’s important to note that real MLM opportunities are NOT pyramid schemes!

Many people confuse the two because of the recruitment and referral aspects are common between each.

However, in
a pyramid scheme, things are set up so that only the person at the top (the
originator of the scheme) gets paid.

In an MLM
opportunity, any and everyone who refers a customer gets paid.

Let’s go
ahead and look deeper at how MLM really works…

I think
you’ll see why multi-level structures can be fair and profitable for all.

I want to
provide you now with a better explanation of what “multi-level”

It really
has to do with the commission structure available to independent sales reps.

In any MLM
opportunity, you will find the organization split into two groups: the upline
and the downline.

“upline” consists of the people above you in the network.

recruits you into the network is a part of your upline, as are the people above
him or her. However, the person who introduced you to the business is typically
more accessible and often serves as your mentor who trains you on how to work
the program.

you are a part of your mentor’s downline. Furthermore, the people you recruit
into the MLM opportunity will be members of your downline.

You might be
thinking, “I can just find a program and join it without being referred by
anyone, then I’ll be at the top!” This, however, is not the case.

absolute, top-tier of any MLM company’s upline consists of the owners/founders,
along with the first outsiders they brought in to the network.

So, while it
is possible to be very high up the chain, you have to get in on the ground
floor while the company is still in its infancy.

Now, joining
a program late in the game and being further down in the structure does not
mean you can’t make any money, or any good money.

There should
be plenty of opportunity for you if the company is selling a legitimate product
that people want and need.

That said,
one of the things you should look for in any MLM opportunity you’re
considering, is a product which can be sold to people outside of the network.

In other
words, you should be able to make some profit simply by retaining
non-affiliated customers, as opposed to requiring your downline to buy the

quickly go over how people make money from MLM…

make money from MLM opportunities by selling products and services. 

The big money comes from the multi-level structure, and from building your downline.

If you are at all familiar with affiliate marketing, then you can think of MLM as “affiliate marketing on steroids.”

Whenever you refer a paying customer, you get paid a commission based on the price of that product.

Your commission might be a flat fee, or it might be a certain percentage of the sale.

Now, as you build your downline, they will also be referring new customers.

Each time a member of your downline makes a sale, you earn another commission.

This commission is smaller than what you’d make from a direct referral, but the impact is cumulative.

To better show you how this works, let’s take use AirTook as example of a multi-level program with a network going only five levels deep.

Your commission structure might look like this:

– Direct Referral: 50% of sale

– 2nd Level: 20% of sale

– 3rd Level: 10% of sale

– 4th Level: 5% of sale


– 5th Level: 2% of sale

Notice that your levels are filled out by your immediate downline building their downline, which builds another downline, and so on until all 5 levels are filled.

You might wonder how the company itself makes any money when there are all these people taking a portion of the sale.

The first thing to realize is that a multi-level network (in this example) does not overlap beyond five levels.

In other words, your upline will not earn a commission from a sale made by someone in the 5th level of your downline.

Also, notice that if you add up all of those percentages, you don’t reach 100%. This holds true no matter which level the sale is made on. The company will earn a minimum 13% profit, even when paying out commissions to all 5 levels.

Now, let’s take a look at what an average day’s sales could bring you if you were to build your downline all the way to the 5th level.

We’ll pretend that the product the company is selling has a retail cost of $100. If you made 1 direct referral ($50), 10 sales on the 2nd level (10x$20=$200), 5 sales on the 3rd level (5x$10=$50), 5 sales on the 4th level (5x$5=$25) and 3 sales on the 5th level (3x$2=$6) then you would earn:

50 + $200 + 50 + 25 + 6 = $331 total commissions

Not bad for a day’s work, right? T

he size and depth of your downline has a cumulative effect on your income, and this is why MLM programs can be so profitable when you understand how to work them.

The key word here is how. It is not simply a matter of referring as many people as possible.

One of THE single, biggest mistakes made by MLM newbies is recruiting un-targeted and unmotivated downline members.

In order to succeed, you must learn how to:

º Target the right market for the product.

º Target the right opportunity-seekers for the business opportunity and get them into your downline.

º Train and motivate your downline to do these same two things as well as you do! That’s how you get the big pay days in MLM.

In the remainder of this Ultimate guide, you’re going to discover how to accomplish all of this with less effort than you ever imagined. Let’s get moving…